Two Blind Bitches

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There are two players sitting across from eachother. There are two imaginary people (the two blind bitches) sitting to the right and left across from each other as shown here.

            (b)    (b)
you deal all the cards out to everyone. everyone should get 13 cards. you keep the cards faced down for the two blind bitches. you play the same rules as hearts.queen is 13 and hearts are 1 a peice. you pass 3 cards to your opponent and he passes you 3 too. if u or your opponent has the 2 of clubs u play it then go clockwise from there. if u or your opponent doesnt have the 2 of clubs u may pick one of the blind bitches to start and flip over there top card of their pile. Usually one of the two blind bitches may play a heart before u or your opponent gets a chanced to, the hearts are broken.

this is a game for two people obviously. and is a way to play hearts with only two people.