Fat Buddah

Contributed by Peter Ipnar (PepperNPib@aol.com)

My game is played by many of my friends. The game is called Fat Buddah. It is a variation of Uno but played with two decks of regular cards. Sevens are draw two, eights are reverses, jacks are wild, jokers are wild draw four, and aces are skips. When a player plays a five the player must say quigybo. When a spade is played you must say spade. When a diamond is played you must say houchyka. You are not allowed to insult gods or people in the game. You may not strike out in violence. You can stack the same card that was just played out of turn and you may stack sevens. When you play your next to last card you must say last card. When you go out of cards you must say Fat Buddah. If a rule is broken you may receive a penalty card. If you do not say thank you after getting the penalty card you may recieve other penalty cards. The winner of the game is allowed to add a rule to the game.

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Last updated 23 May 1998