Suit High

Contributed by Jason Berger

The Game is Called Suit High. It combines 500 and war.

First you take out the 2's in every suit and lay them down on the table highest suit to lowest suit. I use Hearts(High)-Diamonds-Clubs-Spades(low). Then put in the 2 jokers. Now play is like war except the highest card in the highest suit takes the trick (e.g. if the 5 of clubs, 4 of hearts, 10 of diamonds and the 7 of spades were played the 4 of hearts would take the cards). Now if two cards of the same rank are down there regardless of suit except when there is a joker played they go into war no matter if the cards do not take the trick. Now when a joker is played it takes all expect when there is an ace of any suit played then the trick goes to the person that played the ace except if there are two aces played on the trick then the joker takes it. Another way is if an ace is placed when a joker is played the person that played the joker goes into war with the person that played the lowest card. If that variation is played it doesn't matter how many aces are on the trick.

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Last updated 14th October 2001