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Card Games: Adding Games

In adding games players play out cards in turn, and the values of the cards are added together as they are played. The object is generally to reach or avoid certain point totals.

Cribbage and its ancestors are included in this group because of the first part of the game, in which the cards are played out and the total must not exceed 31.

  • Cribbage (Six Card) - the version played nowadays in most of the English-speaking world.
  • Cribbage (Five Card) - an older form of the game, still preferred by many players in rural England.
  • Noddy - an ancestor of Cribbage.
  • Costly Colours - a more complex relative of Cribbage, formerly played in England but probably now obsolete.

The Chinese game Twenty-Four is rather different. Not only addition but also subtraction, multiplication and division can be used to form the required result of 24.

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