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Sport Simulation Games

This page lists some games that use standard playing-cards or dominoes to simulate various sports. I have not included games that merely have the same name as a sport. Most of them reproduce just a few characteristic features of the sport such as the scoring mechanism or the selection of teams. In a a few cases some physical aspects of the sport (such as the movement of horses in a race) is also represented.


  • Kardball A baseball simulation played between two teams of players with a standard 52-card pack, invented by Jeffrey Pierce.


  • Bowling Solitaire 1 A simulation of 10-pin bowling using 20 cards from a standard 52-card pack, invented by Sid Sackson and published in his Gamut of Games.
  • Bowling Solitaire 2 A card simulation of 10-pin bowling by Kimberly Mullen, much simpler than Sid Sackson's version.
  • Strike! A game for three or four players, simulating ten-pin bowling, contributed by James Thomas.


  • Rocky A boxing simulation game in the form of a war variation, contibuted by Mackenzie Yeung.


  • Cricket A simulation of Cricket for two players in which cards are played to a 3x3 square layout, invented in WWII and played in Britain, South Africa and New Zealand.
  • Cricket solitaire A solo cricket card game by Adam Lambert
  • Cricket Card A reasonably quick two-player game on the theme of a cricket test match, by Matthew Shields


  • Football 2 A poker-style betting game based on American Football, contributed by Tim Beaulieu.
  • Fotboll A football simulation with a regular deck of cards.
  • Manager A simple two-player game by Matthew Shields representing a series of 11 football seasons between which new players can be drafted by exchanging cards.


  • Domino Golf A golf simulation for two players, using a double 12 domino set, by Andrew Fischer.

Horse Racing

  • Ascot One of Keith Stevens' new card games. The aces take part in a 'horse race' controlled by the tricks taken in a game of German Whist.
  • Calcutta Horse Race A variation of Horse Race for three or more players in which the horses are auctioned to the players before the race begins.
  • Horse Race cards A card game in which the four Aces represent horses which race along a track and players bet on the outcome.
  • Nags A game loosely based on Stops and Horse Racing, from Andrew Brewood and Francis Irving's New Card Games site.

Ice Hockey

  • Blades of Steel A two-player hockey game with cards designed by Craig Bednar.
  • Hockey A simulation of Ice Hockey for two players, played in Canada using a standard 52-card pack.
  • Hockey 1 A simplified four-player variant of the Canadian game Hockey by Scott Schemahorn, in which matching the previous player's card scores an immediate goal.
  • Hockey Draft Choice This game by Michael Bryson simulates not just a single game but several years of managing a hockey team, with league play, playoffs and drafting, retirement and trading of players.
  • Stanley Cup Run RetroDawg's simulation of an NHL hockey season, using playing-cards.

Motor Racing

  • Daytona A motor race game using a track made from playing cards, by James Thomas.



  • Brucie's Play Your Cards Right Tennis A tennis format version of the Higher or Lower game popularised on British TV, contributed by Tom Hawkey, with a variant by Dominik Lubinski.
  • Tennis 2 A two-player trick-taking game with exact bidding, in which each player has two hands, 'forehand' and 'backhand'. Invented by Elliot Grant.


  • Laying the Smackdown A game of combinations based on wrestling, by Hugh Heelan.
  • Wrestling A card simulation of a wrestling match, by Adam Lambert.
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