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Collectible Card Games


Trading Card Games, also known as Collectible Card Games or CCG's are played with special packs of cards often representing heroes, fantasy creatures, spells and magic artefacts. They are mostly combat games in which each player has a small layout of cards representing a fighting force which can attack the the other player's layouts and capture or eliminate their cards. In many cases the packs of cards are of indefinite size, and players may build their own decks by buying or trading extra cards, in order to be able to compete effectively.

This web site does not carry detailed information about CCG's. This is not to suggest that there is anything wrong with these games - just that they are outside the scope of this site, which is devoted to information about traditional multi-player games played with standard playing-cards and tiles.

A good general summary of the history and characteristics of these games can be found on the Wikipedia Collectible Card Games page; they also have a list of collectible card games, organised by date of publication.

Trading Card Games

Below is a collection of links for specific games.

Magic The Gathering

There is a detailed Wikipedia article on Magic: The Gathering including history, rules, information on deck construction and tournaments, and many other resources.

Magic The Gathering pages from the manufacturers - Wizards of the Coast

MTGdecks provides information and stats on MTG decks and cards and details of tournaments.

Combat Cards

Combat Cards is a real life edition of a trading card game from the Second Life virtual world. The cards are available in the form of PDF files that can be printed at home.


Pokémon pages from the manufacturers - Nintendo

Vampire: the Eternal Struggle (formerly known as Jyhad)

Vampire: the Eternal Struggle pages from the manufacturers - White Wolf.


A trading card game based on a Japanese comic series by Kazuki Takahashi first published in 1996. An animated TV version appeared in 2000, and the card game followed.

Here is the official web site for Yu-Gi-Oh! The Card Game, which is distributed exclusively by Konami.


A trading card game from Gandharvas Studio, Thailand. Details are available on the Devacurse page of BoardGameGeek.


Berzerk is a Russian trading card game, an English edition of which can be ordered through the BoardGameGeek Berserk page.


Quest Adventure Cards is a Canadian CCG from Le Groupe Conseil K2 in which players compete to score points while completing quests that require various combinations of cards to be put into play.


Redakai is a trading card game based on an American cartoon TV series. The cards have 3D effects and are transparent. They are stacked during play to represent characters' abilities.

Empires and Generals

Empires and Generals is a military themed CCG for which players can print their own cards free of charge. When constructing decks there are rules limiting the number of 'rare' or 'unique' cards that can be included.

Suppliers of Trading Cards

Troll and Toad specialises in cards for trading card games (CCGs) especially Magic the Gathering.

Manaleak.com supplies a range of games and accessories, specialising in Magic The Gathering.

Magic Madhouse is a UK-based seller specialising in Magic the Gathering cards but also selling a range of other trading card games.

Dave and Adam's Card World is an online store stocking a wide range of trading cards.

The Japanese company Milestone exports a range of trading cards and accessories.

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