Couillon Group

These games, played mostly in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands have a "triangular" schedule of card points: ace=4, king=3, queen=2, jack=1, giving a total of 40 points in the pack. Many of them employ a characteristic method of scoring in which lines are erased for each game point won, and the game is won by the first team to erase all its lines.

Couillon is the most basic game of the group, played in Belgium. It is known as Kwajongen in Flemish-speaking areas and as Kujong in Luxembourg. In Limburg, in the south of the Netherlands, a variant is played under the name Troeven (trumps).

Brûte is a more elaborate game played in Malmedy, Belgium, with scores for card combinations and a large bonus for winning all the tricks. It is a descendant of the old Dutch games Bruid and Volte.

In the Luxembourgish game Konter a Matt, some of the queens are permanent trumps between the ace and king.

Gamelle is another game played in Malmedy. It features bidding with the option of negative contracts, perhaps under the influence of Skat.

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