Domino Stack Games

Some domino games exploit the fact that domino tiles can easily be stacked two or more high. Most of these games have connecting rules of various kinds that determine which tiles can be stacked on which. Into this category could also be placed tile matching games using dominoes, in which the tiles begin stacked and are removed in pairs with the aim of emptying the layout.

Here is a list of domino stack games on

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Build Up 2  [6:6]×2
Skyscraper 2, 3  [6:6]×2

Notes on the index

Invented games, mostly submitted by readers of, are listed in italics.

The preferred number of players is shown in bold. Other numbers with which it is possible to play are shown in grey.
Western domino sets are indicated by the highest number of pips on a tile end - for example [6:6] is a standard double 6 set of 28 tiles, [12:12] is a set of 91 tiles with up to 12 pips on each end.
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