What is BetBlocker?

BetBlocker is a UK registered charity set up for the purposes of helping people who are struggling to control their gambling.

How does Betblocker work?

It is very simple. BetBlocker is offered as a free app that you can download and install on your internet capable device. You then activate a ‘Gambling Exclusion’, select how long you want to be excluded for and activate the app.

Once you have activated a Gambling Exclusion BetBlocker will restrict your device from accessing thousands of online gambling operators (6.8k at the time of writing but this increases every day).

How do I set BetBlocker up?

Download and open the app. Then follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Select ‘Gambling Exclusion’.
  • Select how long you would like to exclude for - there is a range of options from 24 hours to 5 years.
  • Select 'Block Gambling Operator Sites' to include gambling operators in your restriction. There is also the option to block sites whose primary purpose is to promote gambling.
  • Finally confirm your exclusion.

Can I remove BetBlocker?

Short answer – no.

Once you have activated BetBlocker it will enforce your exclusion until the exclusion period you selected has concluded. The app does not allow you to switch it off and the BetBlocker team will not assist you to remove the app.

The more involved answer is that there is no such thing as a perfect system. With millions of different combinations of hardware, software and networks it would be impossible to create a program that worked under absolutely all conditions. Different platforms enforce different restraints on developers. There are some platforms where the protections against removing the app in the middle of an exclusion are significantly more robust than others.

The intention of the app is that users will not be able to remove it in the middle of an exclusion. That is not a guarantee, but for the majority of users this should be true nonetheless.

What platforms is BetBlocker available on?

BetBlocker has been developed for Windows, Apple, Linux, Android, iOS and Fire OS.

I am registered with GamStop, should I use BetBlocker as well?

GamStop is a great programme that any UK player concerned about addiction should seriously consider signing up to. However, as this programme is run by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission it only extends to gambling sites that hold a UK license. There are still many casinos not on GamStop that will accept UK players even if they are registered with GamStop.

BetBlocker is not country or regulator specific. It gathers information on sites that need to be included within the restriction from dozens of regulator sites and even covers hundreds of entirely unlicensed operators. For this reason BetBlocker works hand-in-hand with programs like GamStop and other regulatory based exclusion programs, covering the gaps that licensed based restrictions leave.

What do I do if the site I want to restrict is not on the BetBlocker restricted list?

If the site that you are looking to restrict has been missed by BetBlocker you can use the ‘Suggest a site’ in app feature to request that it is added to the restriction list for all users. With thousands of active users, sites that have been missed are identified and restricted quickly.

I need technical support using BetBlocker?

There is an in app ‘Contact Us’ feature, a contact form on the BetBlocker website and you can email support at

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