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Seven Card Nopeek

Contributed by "christian mendoza" (christianm90@hotmail.com)

The Players

2 to 7 players

The Cards

Regular Deck of 52 cards


The Object is to have the biggest hand.(This game a little like poker.)

The Deal

The Dealer deals 7 cards to each player and then he/she must flip over the top card of the stock and lay it right beside the stock.

The Play

The person on the left of the dealer goes first and then continuing clockwise. (Note: You cannot look at your cards!) He must beat the card in the middle (beside the stock) by flipping over the top card in front of you (Note: Do not put any cards on top of the middle card. The Middle Card must always stay in the middle!). He must have a higher card to beat the card.And play continues with the next player.


For ex.,if the middle card was a Jack, I flip over the top card and I get a 9. You have to keep on going until you beat the card. You can also beat the card with pairs, three of a kind, four of a kind, even a straight! For ex.,if the middle card was a Jack,and I flipped over the top card and it was a 2, I haven't beaten him yet so I keep on going.

Then the next card was a 2,so I have a pair. Then the next person beside me has to beat my pair and then it keeps on going until somebody can not beat the person beside them so they're out and you shuffle the deck again and you do it again.

The last person left is declared the winner!

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Last updated: 13th September 1999