Contributed by Chet Leja (Chettie86@aol.com)

Standard 52 card deck
4, 6, or 8
All cards are dealt out evenly around the table (if more then 4 people are playing there will be 4 cards left over they are to be discarded and shuffled back in at the beginning of the next hand); the dealer changes every hand moving clockwise around the table. 
The bidding begins with the player left of the dealer.  The player bids which suit will be trump and the combined number of tricks the teammates will get if the suit is to be selected.  The players bid around the table clockwise until all of them will not go over the previous players bid. 
When you bid you do not have to pick the same suit as the person before you.  You may bid higher then him/her in another suit.
If you do not wish to bid any more you pass and the bidding goes to the player next to you.  Once you have decided to pass you many not take any further part in the bidding.  If everyone passes, the cards are passed to the next dealer shuffled and dealt again. 
Ex: If Player A decides to bid 5 tricks with diamonds, Player B many overbid him/her with 6 tricks of Spades.  Player A can over bid again with 7 tricks with diamonds.
After the bidding is done the player who won the bid gets to select his/her teammate(s) for play, so if 4 people are playing he/she selects 1 other person and if 6 are playing he/she selects 2 others and if 8 play he/she picks 3 others.  He many select any player but the other players are not to indicate whether they could help or not help the player.  The selecting of teams is done each hand.  All the players that are not selected to be in the bidding team form a team of their own.
Card order:
Lowest to Greatest value
Non-Trump suit- 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,J,Q,K,A
Trump Suit- 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,10,J,K,A,9,Q
Note: Twos can also be the Greatest card (explained later)
Game Play: 
The player left of the dealer goes no matter who won the bid.  During the game you must follow suit if you have it, if you do not then you may throw whatever card you want. 
The suit that is the same color as the trump suit is known as the Left suit (it still has the same card order as a non-trump suit).  The Left suit when led acts as normal but when thrown off it becomes whatever suit was led for that trick.  If 2 of the same card are played this way the card played first wins. 
If a suit is led that you have none of you do not have to play the Left suit if you have it.  You may not throw off the left suit unless you have none of the led suit.  Ex:  If Player A leads with the 4 of clubs (and clubs are trump).  Player B may play the Q of spades and it would be the highest card you could play (becoming a club). 
The twos in this game become the highest card when played, if everyone follows suit that trick, otherwise it is the lowest. (This goes for all suits no matter what is trump) (Playing the Left suit counts as following suit).
After all the cards are played, each player counts up how many tricks they took individually.  If the bidding team wins each player on the team get however many tricks they got, multiplied by 3.  The non-bidding team gets nothing.  If the non-bidding team wins each player on the team get however many tricks they got, multiplied by 3.  The bidding team gets nothing.  If either team gets all of the cards in one hand each player on the team gets what they would normally get multiplied by 3.  The first individual person to 92 points wins.       
Last updated: 10th October 2003