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Ace of Death

Patrick Nance (r-66y@ript.net) writes:

This is a card game I invented awhile back and it has become wonderful fun when you have a bunch of friends together. The name is Ace of Death. You simply deal all the cards out as equally as possible and then everyone flips a card over at the same time. If the Ace of Spades has not come up, then another round of flipping occurs, until the Ace of Spades does come up. When it does, the player who turned over the Ace of Spades gets beat up by all (but only) participating players and is not allowed to fight back (but resistance is encouraged). I, personally, do not play allowing face shots or what not, but some of my friends are all for that.

A variation we come up with was a tournament match. The play is just the same, except whoever turns over the Ace of Death is eliminated from play the next round. Play continues until there are two people left. The same play is initiated until the Ace of Death is turned over between one of these two. After this occurs, an all out battle royal (between only those two) occurs where both players are allowed to fight. Whoever wins the fight is incidental. The person who turned the Ace of Death is the loser.

It's a stupid game, but if you play it, it really does become wildly entertaining.

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Last updated: 29th October 2003