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A simple game for two players which involves a 17 card deck, using four Aces, the twelve face cards, and a joker. Eight cards are dealt to both players, while the remaining one is placed in the middle, face down.

The object of the game is to to guess the card in the middle.

The player opposite the dealer starts. On his turn he may either try to guess the card in the middle, if a player guesses correctly he wins, if he doesn't he loses. Or he may play a card. Upon playing a card, his opponent must lay down all of his cards of the same suit and the same rank. Then, play passes to his opponent, who has the same choice.

A few notes: a player may play the joker to pass his turn to his opponent, and a player who has only one or nil cards left in his hand must guess the card. Usually, game shall be decided by the winner of seven hands, but a player must win by two, however any player winning eleven hands shall be considered the winner.

Last updated: 6th January 2002