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Battle Pairs

Rules of the Game

  • 4 players get 7 cards each
  • 3 players get 8 cards each
  • 2 players get 9 cards each
  • Deal the rest of the cards to each player as a side pile
  • When the deal is complete, one of the players counts down from three: "three - two - one - go". On the word "go" the players pick up their hands and the game starts.
  • There are no turns - everyone plays at once.
  • You can make pairs and three of a kinds (triplets). If you have any of these, you can lay them down face up in front of you on the table.
  • Having played cards from your hand, you can replace them by drawing an equal number of cards from your side pile, if available.
  • You can never have more cards in your hand than the number you started with.
  • If you have a card that matches a pair or triplet that someone else has put down you can lay it face up in front of you and it counts towards your points (not theirs)
  • Only one pair, triplet or single card can be laid down at a time.
  • You can win by getting rid of all of your cards in your hand and pile first
  • A tie can occur if two players finish simultaneously, or if a situation is reached where no one can play. In this case points are counted as follows, for each triplet, pair or card laid down:
    • cards 2-9 = 5
    • Cards 10-king = 10
    • aces = 15
    • blitz hand = 10 added to total points
    • Four of a kind = 5 added to card value (example: one, two or three nines are worth 5; four 9s would be 5 + 5 = 10)
    • Broken rules = subtract 10 from total points

Game Terms

  • Dead cards - if there are 4 players and each have one of the same rank of card
  • Maxed out - when you get caught having more cards in your hand than you started with
  • Blitz hand - when you get all of your cards down before the other player(s) get any down
  • Ere cards - when you pick up your cards before the word "go" is said
  • Eyeing cards - when you look at someone else's cards in their hand
  • Quick handing - when you put cards down before the game starts
  • Doubling up- when you put more then one pair down at a time

Contributed by William Malloy

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Last updated: 17th November 2005