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# of Players: 2-8 (best with 5)

# of Decks:

  • 2-4 Players 1 deck of 53 cards (2-Ace plus 1 Joker)
  • 5-8 Players 2 decks, 1 of 53 (2-Ace plus 1 Joker) the other of 52 cards (2-Ace).

Ranks: Cards Rank in this order (lowest to highest) 2 - Ace however Clubs and Spades add plus 1 to their rank. ex: spade4 becomes as powerful as a red 5 or clubJ as a red Q.

3 Players

Object: The "Traitor" (later explained) must eliminate 1 of the other players while the non-traitors must eliminate the traitor.

Dealing: Each player is dealt cards 1 by 1 (two players will have 18 cards; one player will have 17).

Your Cards: The traitor is determined by the player with the Joker. This player must take all the spades and clubs in his hand and put them face down in front of him/her then chooses 0-5 red cards (hearts and diamonds) and puts them with the spades and clubs. Any remaining cards are put face down in a pile in the middle. All other players choose two suits to put face down in front of them and the other two suits are added face down to the middle pile.

Note: Traitor does not put Joker in the middle.

    [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []

Place your cards in front of you like this.

Play: The play begins with the person on the dealers left. He/She chooses any one of his/her cards to make an accusation. To make an accusation pick one of any of your opponent’s cards. If your card is as or more powerful than the card you choose to accuse (Note Jokers can’t accuse), you win. You then take the dead card and put it in a pile beside you. The # of cards in this pile determines how many points you have. (Note: you place your card face up when accusing and the accused card must also be face up). If however your card is less powerful then the chosen card then the owner of that card takes your card and puts it in a pile beside him. Once a player loses all his/her cards (not including cards in his points pile) (s)he is eliminated from the game.
Each card is worth 1 point. A player may after their attack put their card face down with his/her other "living cards" so long as it is still his/her turn and it is not dead. If a player chooses the Joker then the non-Traitor players must destroy 3 more of his cards to win. (If the traitor completes his objective before they kill 3 more of his cards he still wins.) If the traitor has only 1 or two cards apart from the joker the players must destroy his remaining cards to win. After the joker is accused he is sent to the pile of the player who accused the joker. Players may talk to each other and make/break alliances.
Note: All non-traitor players are technically allies but they may not show each other their cards.
Hint: The Traitor does not actually have to eliminate the other players himself, he can trick the other players into eliminating each other.

The 3 Special Cards: There are 3 cards in this game that despite how powerful they are they will win when accusing an Ace of Clubs or an Ace of Spades. They are:

  • The Three of Clubs,
  • The Eight of Diamonds, and
  • The Queen of Spades.

Note: If you are not attacking with these cards, their power is still the same and their special attack only applies to the Ace of Spades and the Ace of Clubs.

Points: Each time you get a certain amount of points you are rewarded with something. They are the following:

  • 3 points: Draw 2 cards from the middle pile to add to your army.
  • 6 points: Draw 3 cards from the middle pile to add to your army.
  • 10 points: Draw 5 cards from the middle pile to add to you army.
  • 15 points: look at 2 of any of your opponents’ cards.

4 Player

Differences: The Traitor must now eliminate 2 non-traitors

At 20 points you get to draw another 5 cards and at 25 points you are eliminated (just to add a twist).

5 Player

Differences: At 25 points you add another 3 cards at 35 you are eliminated.

6, 7 & 8 Player

Traitor must now eliminate 3 Players.

To make the game more interesting you may want to add two jokers. If one player has both Jokers then he/she may either give someone the joker or keep it and when they kill 1 Joker they have to kill the 2 also. (Traitors can be allied in this method, all non-Traitor players close their eyes and turn their backs. The ones who didn’t turn their backs now know they are allies. Yes I know it is an immature method).

2 Player

Each player is controlling two different hands. If one of your hands has the traitor, you may use the other as sacrifice or to help you destroy both of your opponent’s armies. Note: Each army is controlled separately so both players could attack 2 times in a single round of plays.


  • 0-3 points Inanimate Object (better luck next time)
  • 4-7 points Disciple (next time try attacking)
  • 8-13 points Spy (you are learning young grasshopper)
  • 14-18 points Guardian (mad skills)
  • 19-24 points Expert (luck is with you today)
  • 25+ points God (you must have cheated!)

One Last Thing

There is one more optional rule, twos can count as special defense cards in which if attacked (accused) they destroy the attacking card and do not die (this does not apply if you attack with a 2 or if it is one of the traitor's last three cards).

This Game was designed and created by
glitchninja (Edward)

MD,S RoCk!

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