Contributed by Justin Swartsel (

Each player is dealt four cards, three down and one up.The rest of the cards are put in the center of the table. Each player then organizes their cards from least to greatest (Ace is above King in value.). Whatever number that their up-card (the card that was dealt up) was from least to greatest is how many cards they draw from the pile. Each player then takes out any pairs/matches and sets them aside in a pile. They can do this at anytime throughout the rest of the game.

Then, the person to left, or opposite of the dealer discards. The next person (play goes clockwise) puts down the closest match to the previous card that they have. They then pick up the difference from the unused card pile. That player then discards any card of choice, and the next person tries to match and so on. If a player puts down an exact match the play goes to the next person.

If the unused card pile runs out, shuffle all of the discards and pairs/matches three times, and put that pile where the previous one was and continue playing.

A player wins when he runs out of cards, which can occur.

NOTE: This game can last 5 seconds or 5 hours, just depends on your luck!

Also, a variation of the game can be played with wrap-arounds (A-2-3) only if your beginning or end card is an ace or two (Gateway cards) for instance A-2-3-4-5 is valid, Q-K-A-2-3 is not valid.

Last updated: 8th September 1999