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Blind Man's Switch

Contributed by Lee Perry (cosmopanda@hotmail.com)

The object of the game is to get the highest number (Ace is lowest, king is highest).

In this game, each player gets dealt 4 cards (the dealer should go round once giving each player a card, followed by giving each player the remaining 3 cards they need all at once, so he only goes round each player twice). The dealer gives the player 1 card to hold and the other 3 go face down so the player can't see them.

Then, starting from the player to the dealers left, players take turns deciding whether to keep the card they have, or to swap it for one of the face down cards. After each player has done this, the highest card wins.

The fun of the game is the choice of which face down card to choose (if you opt to choose and not stick). After the game ends, each player can turn over their cards and see what they might have had. It's real irritating when you switch a 4 for 2, only to find out later you could have had a king!

(Note: in the event of a draw, the tied players choose one of their other face down cards and play them.)

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Last updated: 9th November 2003