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Bull Fight

Contributed by Jake Cunninghame

This variant of Bullshit for 2 to 10 or more players uses suits instead of numbers.

Players take turns discarding cards onto a pile until they are out of cards. The order of suits is spades, diamonds, clubs, hearts (or any order chosen at the start of the game before the cards are dealt. You can also start in the middle of an order if you choose).

51 cards are dealt as equally as possible to the players. (The ace of hearts is put face up next to the spot where cards are to be discarded, representing the red cape used by a matador in a bull fight to anger the bull.) The dealer chooses which suit to start on.

The player to the dealer's left starts by discarding a card of the suit the dealer chose face down next to the ace of hearts. A player may discard a maximum of 4 cards per turn and must say how many cards and of what suit they are discarding.

The next player going clockwise then has to discard the next suit in the order. For example the dealer chooses spades (using the order above), the first player puts down four spades then the next player puts down four diamonds, next player discards three clubs, next player discards four hearts, and the next player continues with spades again, and so on...

If at any time a player thinks that another player is lying they tap the ace of hearts and say "TORRO" or "bull" or "bullshit", etc. If the challenge is correct, the player that just put down the cards must take all of the cards in the pile into their hand. If the player that shouted "torro" is wrong, then THEY must take all of the cards into THIER hands. Whenever "torro" is called the next player starts at the beginning of the order chosen at the beginning of the game.

The first person to get rid or of all of their cards wins and can proudly say to every one they meet "I won a bull fight!!!"

Variation: If there are a lot of players you can use two decks.

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Last updated: 20th August 2008