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Cincinnati Club Special

A card game of improvisation and foolery, contributed by Keith Stewart (


  • Knower (player) -- one who knows the game isn't real
  • Don't Knower (spectator)-- one who thinks the game is real

Object: To fool other spectators that you are playing a real card game.

Setup: Players of "Cincinnati: CS" should be informed of the game before playing it in public.

Play: In "Cincinatti: CS" there ARE no rules. Knowers simply deal and play as if playing a real card game. This card game is simply designed to fool onlookers that the game is real. The best part is when the Don't Knowers try playing the game. Whenever they play a card, make a face of disappointment and say, "Try Again". Or even better... allow them to play while complimenting them on wise plays. Then, just when they think they got the game figured out, say "Try Again" on their card.

Another point of interest: While playing, don't turn the game into a real game. Suddenly, just do something crazy like take a card from each player. All knowers should act indifferent about this sudden bizarre change in the game, as if it was supposed to happen. Or, for fun, start questioning other Knowers' plays like, "Wait, weren't you supposed to meow like a cat there?" "Oh, yeah... I forgot about that." Just have fun screwing with Don't Knowers' heads.

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Last updated: 23rd November 2003