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Devil's Hand

Contributed by Aaron Barnhart - we do not know who invented the game.

Players: Up to 8 players per deck of cards (standard 52-card decks are used, normally without jokers, but see variations).

Deal: Each player will be using a certain amount of money (pennies, nickels, quarters, whatever you choose) as their betting money. The number stays the same throughout the game. Everyone places an ante of the chosen amount into the center of the table. The chosen dealer deals three cards to each player, starting with the person on his left. After everyone has their cards flip the next three cards face up in the middle.

Play: Play begins with the person on the dealer's left. On your first turn you may choose to replace any number of cards in your hand with cards drawn unseen from the top of the undealt part of the deck at the cost of one coin, which goes the pot. If you choose not to replace any cards, pay nothing and pass. Once everyone has gotten the chance to draw new cards and play is back to the guy on the dealer's left, the players may now bid by putting one last coin into the pot or fold. Once the bidding has gone around the players who have not folded reveal their hands. Whoever's hand is closest (but not equal) in total to the Devil's Hand wins. If there is a tie for closest those hands are eliminated, and the next closest player that bid wins. If everyone who bid ties and doesn't win (there can be multiple different ties) then the pot is awarded to nobody and the next hand begins with the pot carried over from last round. Shuffle all the cards back into the deck and the job of dealer is given to the player on the previous dealer's left.

Card Values: Jacks, queens, and kings count 10, everything else their face value (aces 1). The optional jokers can count as anything the player wants between 1 and 10.

Instant Loss Rule: If on any of your turns your hand totals the same as the Devil's Hand (either when it is dealt to you or when you replace cards in your hand) you must immediately show it to the group, put another coin in the pot, and fold. You instantly lose this hand.


  • No instant loss rule
  • Two jokers per deck of cards, if the Devil's Hand gets a joker, replace it with the next card.
  • Betting may be done like poker, rather than only having the ability to bid one and only one, the players may raise, check, and fold.
  • The hands consist of 1, 2, or 4 cards (the more cards in the hand the less players that can play with 1 deck)
  • Coin paid to draw new card(s) goes to the dealer, not the pot
  • Aces count 1 or 11, or just 11
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Last updated: 30th September 2004