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Diamonds (version 2)

Contributed by Danny Patterson (dpatters@mindless.com)

1a. First of all, get four players together, and choose a dealer.
1b. The dealer deals out all of the cards, not including jokers, which are set aside

2. The person left of the dealer plays first.

3a. The object of the game is to basically beat out the other's card.
3b. Diamond suited cards' value are one more than written on the card (i.e. a 3 of diamonds id the same as a 4 of any suit; a 10 of diamonds is the same as a Jack of any suit; therefore, the ace of diamonds is the highest card.)

4. If two people play the same value card, they play the top card of their stock (what they have collected from a winning card), and whoever's card has a higher value, they get the pile (the pile of cards where everyone plays their cards in). If the person does not have a stock yet, they draw the top card in their hand (Physically on top, as if you were to lay down the cards face-down, the top card).

5. Once all of the diamonds have been played, the game ends.

6. Add up your score with the following system:

Suits other than Diamonds:

  • Numbers (2-10): 1 point
  • Royal cards (Jack, Queen, King): 5 points
  • Aces: 10 points


  • Numbers: 3 points
  • Royals: 10 points
  • Ace : 20 points

If you can gather all of the Diamonds, except the Queen, you gain an extra 40 points (It's very hard to do!!)

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Last updated: 23rd May 1998