Contributed by Joe Wolf (

This is a really simple solitare game using a 52-card deck. You simply put the deck face-down in front of you, turn over the top card, look at its number, turn over that same number of cards. Then, you look at the number of the final card you turn over, turn over that number of cards, and continue until you go through the deck. Your goal is to get the final card of the deck to be the last card you need to complete the number of cards you aiming for. A winning example is you turn over a 7 and there's 7 cards left in the deck. You then can turn over all 7 cards and come out even. A losing example is you turn over a 10 but there's only 3 cards left in the deck. Then you turn over the last three cards, shuffle, and start again.

It's fun to play this in front of other people because to them it just looks like your turning the deck upside-down, one card at a time.

I make Aces equal one card turned over, Jacks 11 cards turned over, Queens 12 cards, and Kings 13, but you could also make the royalty all eqaul to 10 for simplicity.

Last updated: 14th September 1999