Double Flip

Contributed by Sam G


This game is for two players only, using a standard 52-card pack. Deal all the cards evenly (26 each).


Players hold cards face down in their hand. Then each player simultaneously lays down a row of 4 cards one at a time, dealing them from the top of their pile. This create 2 rows of 4 cards directly in front of the other, each card lined up evenly (as best as possible) This process is done very, very quickly.

As soon as the last 2 cards are laid down, each player quickly looks for matches within the 2 rows. A match consists of two face-up cards of the same rank: suit is irrelevant. When a match is found, the player deals new cards from their hand on top of both matching cards.

If both players spot the same match at the same time, it is legal for one player to cover one matching cards with a new card while the opponent does the to the other.

This process continues until no matches can be found. At this time, each player gathers up the row of four stacks of cards directly in front of them and places all those cards face down under the pile in their hand. Again each player simultaneously deals a row of 4 face-up cards. Gameplay continues as before until a player wins.


When a player is rid of his/her cards, he/she wins the game.