Contributed by Aaron Barnhart who writes: "I made up a solitaire game while I had nothing else to do. The name comes from the idea of flipping cards up from the pile (called drafting).

Deck: A normal 52-card deck with the aces removed. The aces go to the foundations (above everything else).

The Deal: Shuffle the remaining cards and deal 5 cards into a pile, flipping the fifth face up. Then deal a second pile, a third, and a fourth, flipping up the top card on each. Draw five cards (this makes up your hand). The remaining cards make up the stock.

Playing: On each of the piles, cards can be moved as a unit to another pile if they are in downward suit sequence (example: pile 1 has a 8 of spades, and pile 2 has a 7 and 6 of spades, you can move the 7 and 6 on top of the 8). You may flip up any face down card once there are no cards on top of it. When a pile is completely freed up, any card can fill its spot. Draw cards to replace cards you have played from your hand. If you cannot make any moves, discard one card from your hand to a single waste pile next to the deck and draw another card. The top of the waste pile is available for play onto the tableau or foundations. By the way the foundations go upward in suit sequence. You may go through the stock once.

Here is the way I set up the game:


W = Waste
S = Stock
O = Piles
X = Foundations

Last updated: 25th March 2004