A version of Newmarket for two players, contributed by John Wright

A 32 card pack is used; A,K,Q,J,10,9,8,7 in four suits. A is high and 7 is low.

Four cards are taken out of another pack and laid as a display on the table; these are spadeA, heartK, clubQ and diamondJ. These are the "horses".

Both players are given 30 counters (or pieces of pasta). At the start of each round they both put one on each of the horses.

Dealer deals twelve cards each and puts the other eight aside (there is no buying or selling of hands).

Non-dealer leads a card, which must be the lowest card in one of his four suits. Players play the next and subsequent cards in upward sequence in the same suit, not necessarily playing in turn, but playing the cards as they have them - until they reach a card which neither of them has, or an ace. This is a "stop".

After a stop the player of the last card leads again, but always playing the lowest card he has in a suit (if his only card in a suit is the ace, he can lead the ace).

If a player plays one of the horses he claims all the counters on that card in the display. Unclaimed counters are left to accumulate for future rounds.

When one player has no cards left he is out, and the other player gives him one counter for each card left in his hand.

When on player has no counters left, the other has won.

Last updated: 13th September 2006