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Number of Players: Two.

The Deck: 24 Cards (strip out 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).

Other Equipment: A scoring track (up to 50 points) would also be useful. The surplus cards could also be used toward this aim.

Object: To score game points by taking tricks with a higher ranked card, and earning bonus points by "exposing" some or all of her hand, and/or capturing a certain number of tricks.

The Deal: Nine cards are dealt to each player. The next three cards (the "contract") are dealt face up from left to right in front of the dealer. The remaining three cards are discarded.

The Contract: The rank and suit of each of the three contract cards is significant.

heart    club


diamond    spade

heart    club


diamond    spade

heart    club


diamond    spade

The Exposure: Before play commences, either player may choose to claim an exposure bonus/es by laying, face up, card/s that yield either several of the same rank, or several in sequence.

Exposure bonuses are:

3 of a kind (e.g. 10heart, 10diamond, 10club)1 point
4 of a kind (e.g. Qclub, Qdiamond, Qheart, Qspade)2 points
4 in sequence (e.g. 10spade, Jclub, Qspade, Kdiamond)1 point
5 in sequence (e.g. 10diamond, Jheart, Qdiamond, Kclub, Aheart)2 points
6 in sequence (e.g. 9club, 10diamond, Jheart, Qspade, Kclub, Aspade)3 points
CONTRACT BONUS (for exactly fulfilling contract)    5 points

Any of the three contract cards may be included by either player in tabulating bonus/es. However a bonus may only be claimed from exposed cards - it is not possible to include a card from the hand as part of a bonus. An exposed card may only be used for one exposure bonus - it is not permitted to use the same card (with the exception of a contract card) to claim both a 3 of a kind and a 4 in sequence, nor a 4 in sequence and a 5 in a different sequence.

Once exposure bonuses are claimed, the exposed cards remain face up on the table. These cards (save the contract cards) are kept in play.

The Play: The non dealer then leads, either from the table or from her hand. Players must follow suit if possible, otherwise they may trump or discard. Highest ranking card of suit led (ace is low when led, high when played second, or stipulated as high rank in the contract) takes trick unless trumped by trump suit. Winner leads to next trick. All tricks may be played either from the table or from the hand.

The Scoring: Exposure bonuses are tabulated immediately they are earned. All other points are scored at the end of a deal.

The value of a trick is two points. Bonus points for exposure and for making contract are outlined above.

To Win: A match is played to 50 points. Highest score past this total wins.

If the match is not claimed, or if scores are tied, once the nine tricks are decided the deal as outlined above is alternated.

© Matthew Shields 2007

  1. "Beats a King" - for example if Jack is high rank then the order is (A)-J-K-Q-10-9-(A). If Ace is high rank then the order is A-K-Q-J-10-9.
  2. Value of contract is A = 9 tricks, K = 8, Q = 7, J = 6, 10 = 5 & 9 = 4. For example, if a 10 of any suit is upturned, capturing exactly 5 tricks will yield the contract bonus.
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