Fan Rummy - card game rules

Fan Rummy

Contributed by Daniel Friedman (

I developed a variation of Gin Rummy for people who think visually (like myself). A lot of my friends prefer to regular Gin Rummy and we play it more often than the original. Most of the rules are like Oklahoma Gin.

The dealer alternately deals the 10 cards for each player and then deals, face up, two columns of 10 cards each. In these columns (or fans), each card overlaps the other so that you can see the next card. Then, the knock card is dealt in the center--between the two fans. All the regular rules of Oklahoma Gin apply except for the following:

  1. If the non-dealer does not want the knock card, the dealer is required to take it and then discard FACE-DOWN.
  2. All discards are discarded into a pile, face-down, on the left.
  3. After the knock card is taken from the center, the remainder of the deck is moved into the same spot, face-down.
  4. Before each pick, the player has the following choices: he can take the showing card on the 1st column, the showing card on the 2nd column, or the unseen top card of the deck.
  5. If and when the deck remainder is used up, the discard pile is moved into its place and a new discard pile is started.

All standard rules apply:

  • The knock card determines the amount of deadwood required for knocking
  • If the knock card is an ace, the players are required to go for Gin and the standard 25 pt. Gin bonus no longer counts
  • If the knock card is a spade, the points are doubled
  • 25 pt. bonus for Gin when Gin is not required.
  • 25 pt. bonus for beating the knocker.
Last updated: 18th November 1998