Four Fucks Sake - card game rules

Four Fucks Sake

This is a variation of Shithead contributed by Sean Clark (, who writes:

"Back in '95 several friends and I decided that the best thing about Shithead was deliberatly trying to get someone to pick up and hearing them saying "for fucks sake!" as everyone else giggled. So we made a variation called "Four Fucks Sake" which we think is a little more vicious."
  1. The dealer deals four face down cards, fours face up cards and four cards four for each players hand
  2. Fours must be played in sequence, apart from the four of clubs, and require the next player to pick up (i.e. they are "fucked") unless they have a four, eight, ten or four of a kind. Two fours played together will "fuck" the next play but one. The four of clubs can be played on any card.
  3. Eights are transparent, change the direction of play and can be played on any card including a four.
  4. Nines require the next play to play lower than or equal to a nine.
  5. Tens can be played on anything and clear the pile.
  6. Queens miss out the next player. Two queens played together will miss out the two next players.
  7. Four of a kinds can be played on any card and act like a ten to clear the pile.
  8. The loser is a fucker
Last updated: 9th August 2003