Flip Ace

A variant of the Solitaire game "Aces Up", contributed by Kewlio (kewlio-origin@subdimension.com)

  1. Deal out eight cards (preferably four cards across by two down). If an Ace appears in the initial deal, you must redeal.
  2. Find any card of one suit that is lower than another showing card in the same suit and put a new card on top of it. (Example: If a 10H and 7H are showing, put a card on the 7H.)
  3. If, at any time, an Ace comes up, place a new card on every card of the same suit as the Ace [but not on the Ace itself], and flip over the Ace's stack [so no further cards can be added to this stack]. (Example: If an Ace of Spades comes up, cover all the spades and flip over the stack where the Ace of Spades is.)
  4. Game is over if you run out of moves or if the last card you play is an Ace.
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Last updated: 22nd October 2003