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Freak Solitaire

Contributed by Michael Gurfinkel (PrnoidNdrd@aol.com)

Setting up

Deal 8 piles of 5 cards and one of 12



turn the top card of each pile over.


The top card on the pile of 12 is the keycard. You make pairs, triples, 4-of-a-kinds, or straights of 3 or more (see "Rules for Straights" for more information on straights). These must use the keycard. Turn the used cards' piles' top card up again. Put the used cards in a pile called the Match Pile. When you can't make a pair, triple, etc., put the keycard and least desired card in another pile called the Freak Pile (Freak Pile counts against you in the end).


555freak pile
555match pile


You can make pairs, triples, four-of-a-kinds, or straights.

If you use all the cards on the board, you gain twenty points automatically.

When keycard pile is empty, move most useful pile inside, and use it.

Rules on Straights

Straights must have at least three differently numbered cards involving keycard on top or bottom (keycard somewhere in the middle does not go in the Match Pile, but does not go in the Freak Pile either) If you cannot make a straight of three, put the keycard and one unwanted card in freak pile.

You can use irregular straights such as 9-10-10-10-J-J.

A straight such as 5-5-6 cannot work as it does not have 3 differently numbered cards.

Ace can be played high or low or both.

You can wrap-around. Example: Q-K-A-A-2-2-3.


If the last two or three cards don't play together, put them in the Freak Pile. If they do, put them in the Match. Count the Match Pile, then subract the Freak Pile from this sum. Factor in any extra poins (using all cards on board). Usual score within 10-20.

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Last updated: 24th April 1999