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Get the Nines

Contributed by JJ Williamson (jjwilliamson85@hotmail.com)

3 players

Deal 7 cards each.

Check if anyone has any nines.

If yes, put them in a face up stack next to the player who has them, and deal them enough cards so they have 7 again.

Each player puts a card face down into the centre, and they are revealed simultaneously. The player with the highest card wins.
Ace=1; jack=11; queen=12; king=13; other cards face value.

Subtract the value of the second highest card from the highest card, and this many cards are dealt in a face down pile next to the player who won them. (If two or three players tie for highest card, then no one wins any cards.) The three played cards are discarded.

Keep going until no one has any cards left.

Turn over the piles of cards that the players have won. Remove all nines and put them in a separate face up pile.

Count all the aces, kings, queens and jacks that people have won. The person who has most gets to keep their nines. All the other players must put their nines back into the pack, to be re-dealt.

The winner is the first person to hold all four nines at the same time. If no one has all the nines, a new hand of 7 cards each is dealt from the remaining undealt part of the pack. When the pack is used up, all the played and discarded cards are gathered and shuffled to form a new pack to deal from.

Home Page > Invented Games > Get the Nines
Last updated: 13th October 2003