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Give It Away Now

Contributed by Troy Hinkley


To finish the game with the least number of cards in your hand.

Set up

A single 52-card deck of standard playing cards is spread out face down in the middle of the table.


Each player draws a card, the highest card goes first (ace is highest) and then the cards are returned to the pile. If a tie is encountered all players will draw again until the tie is broken.

Players take turns drawing a card from the pile, showing their card to the other players, and then following the card's pre-determined action (listed below). Play continues until there are no more cards on the table.

Near the beginning of the game it is common for the players not to have enough cards to give away to the other players. If this should happen, the player then keeps the card that they drew and their turn is over. If there are not enough cards in the pile to complete a certain action the player that drew the card must just keep the card and forfeit the action.

All cards that are drawn by or given to a player must be kept face down in the order that the player acquired them. This is to prevent players from choosing which cards to exchange with other players when the rules dictate such an exchange.

Cards may only be looked at when the rules require their values to be determined; all other cards must remain face down.

Whenever cards are returned to the pile, the pile must be shuffled by at least two players.

When a card requires a player to give cards away, the card most recently received will be the first card to give; this includes the card that determines the action.


If there is tie for fewest cards at the end of the game, the players look at their cards and add up their face values. Aces count as one and face cards count as ten.

If a tie still exists, the winner will be determined by a best out of three match of rock, paper, scissors.

Card actions

card drawnaction
2Draw 2 Cards
3Draw 3 Cards
4Draw a Card from Each Player
5Five Card Chain Reaction
6Give Anyone a Card
7"Never Have I Ever"
8Put 2 Face Cards Back Into Pile
9Rhyme Time
JackGive 1 Card
QueenGive 2 Cards
KingGive 3 Cards
AceGive Everyone a Card

5 Card Chain Reaction - The player that draws a five will give any other player five cards. The player receiving the five cards can give four of those cards to any player. This continues until someone receives only one card.

"Never Have I Ever" - The drawer says something that he/she has never done in their lives. If any other players have done the action, they must draw a card. The same action must not be be repeated during a game.

Rhyme Time - The drawer says a word in English that has rhyming potential. The rest of the players must go around in order and each say a different word that rhymes with the original word. The player that cannot complete this task must draw a card. Play can go around the table multiple times, and ends as soon as someone repeats a previous word or fails to rhyme.

ABC's - The drawer will start by saying "A is for (something that starts with an A)", the next person then must repeat the first players word and then say a word for B. Each player in turn must repeat all the previous words in sequence (including their own if the turn comes back to the drawer) and add their own word for the next letter of the alphabet at the end. If they say anything incorrectly they must draw a card. Play ends when a player fails to complete this task and draws a card.

Jack, Queen, King - Every face card depicts a character looking in a definite direction. For example, if the drawer picks up a Queen looking to the left they give two cards to the player on their left.

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Last updated: 21st December 2007