Contributed by Jared

This game is for two players using a standard 52 card pack. The first player to collect all four sevens wins. [There are no jokers in this game.]

You lay out the cards like this in 4 rows with 13 cards in each row.

You and your opponent take turns flipping cards over. Whatever cards you flip, you get to keep those cards in your score pile.

When number cards other than sevens (2-6, 8-10) are flipped they immediately go to your score pile. When you flip over a face card (ace, king, queen, jack) you have to activate its effect. When you flip a:

  • JACK: you use it to protect your 7 [I'll explain later]
  • QUEEN: go again
  • KING: Flip any 3 cards and place them in your score pile,
  • ACE: steal your opponent's 7 card. <-- [this is what the jack is used for]

After this, the face card is placed in your score pile. When jacks they can be set aside for future use. When you flip a seven it is set aside with your jack[s] (if any). The game layout looks like this:

{------}[o] [o] [o] [o]
[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
[] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] [] []
[o] [o] [o]{-------}
[] = cards area
[o] = set aside cards area
{----} = score pile area

A jack can only be used once. For example, you have 1 seven and 1 jack; your opponent has flipped an ace and he wants to steal your seven. You just say "I use my jack and protect my seven" and once you use that jack you put it into your score pile. [You can no longer use that jack].

If you do not have any 7's and your opponent has flipped an ace, he can steal any card from your score pile and if he/she steals a face card [including jack or ace], its effect is activated. Then the stolen card is placed in your opponent's score pile.

If you flip a jack and have no sevens you want to protect you can choose one of these effects to activate:

  1. you may act as if this card was a queen and flip another card and place it in your score pile [if it's a face card, activate its effect]
  2. set it aside for protecting your card[s] in future
  3. set it aside to negate a face card activation when your opponent flips a face card. [e.g. your opponent flips a king and activates its effect. you may then activate your jack and negate the effect of the king and your opponent just places it into his/her score pile.

Anything that is in the score pile, stays in the score pile [unless an ace is activated].

If no one gets all four 7's after all the cards are gone, you count the score of your cards. Face cards are 10 each [ace too]. [Cards 2 to 10 are presumably worth face value. JM] Whoever has the higher score wins.

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