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Guess That Card

Contributed by Nick Harrison (n1ck01@hotmail.com); Big Al and Mank Kris helped to invent the game.

The top card of the deck is taken and placed face down in the centre of the table. Each player then draws a card from the fanned out deck and doesn't show it to any opponent. Betting then commences in a poker style manner, until the bet has been called. The identity of the mystery card is then revealed and the player with the card closest in the deck wins.

If the cards are equally close, the card that is lower than the hidden card beats the one that is higher. For example if the hidden card is a nine, then eight beats ten, which beats seven, which beats jack, and so on. Aces are always high.

In the event of a tie, the player with the correct colour of card is the winner - so if the mystery card is spade2, club3 beats diamond3. If in the unlikely event of both players having the same colour card, e.g. mystery card is spade2, players possess heart2 and diamond2, the winner is decided through a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors best of 3.

Home Page > Invented Games > Guess That Card
Last updated: 8th January 2002