also known as Dead End Drive

Contributed by Harrison487@aol.com

The object of the game is to be the last one standing.

The dealer will pick out 3 cards (from a standard 52-card pack). Example: a red queen, black jack and a black ten. Those are the Jynx cards.

The dealer that deals the first time will deal for the whole game. He/she will then deal out five cards to each player, who are sitting in a circle.

Then the dealer will place cards in a circle. (For example if five people are playing, five cards in a circle, each facing one player) and put the remaining pile of cards in the center of the "Jynx circle".

The players will then take out all doubles and row cards and put them in a discard pile. (Row cards - example three four five.) (A "double" is a pair of cards of the same rank. If a player has three or four cards of the same rank these must also be discarded. A "row" is any number of consecutive ranked cards, regardless of suit.) If by this point a player does not have any cards left in the hand they have a strike and are out of this round. (4 strikes per person). Once all your strikes are gone, you are out of the game.

The players will put their Jynxed cards if they have any in the circle making it bigger. (A jynxed card is any card that is the same rank and color as one of the three cards selected by the dealer at the start.) Then the person with the least amount of cards will close their eyes and become the jynxer. The others will move the cards around in a circle until the jynxer says stop. If a card is not in front of you, you get a freebee (an extra point, so now you need one more strike to get out). The people will then flip a card over (each player presumably flips the circle card nearest to them); if it's a jynxed card you get a strike. If it is a jynx card but you have a card in your hand that is the same rank but the opposite color, you can block it and give the jynx to someone else.

You then continue the game this way.

Last updated: 22nd October 2003