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Killer Kings

A drinking game, contributed by HughGrahamFarms@aol.com

Players take turns to draw a card from a standard 52-card pack. The results are as follows:

  • Ace is a social drink ... everyone takes their drink and turns it around their head then cheers and takes a sip.
  • 2 through 8 iswhatever number it is ... you choose who takes that many sips - or you can split it up. For example you pick up a 6 and decide that person 1 can take 2 sips and person 2 can have 4.
  • 9 is "I never" and you say something like I never peed in the shower. Whoever has done what you never did takes a drink.
  • 10 is thumbwars. If you get a 10, you keep it beside you and every now and then you put your thumb on the table, everyone else has to do the same and the last one to do it takes a drink.
  • Jack. You pick a category, such as "toothpaste", and you have to say a brand of it. The other players in turn must each name something in that category (another brand of toothpaste). As soon as someone can't come up with another one they take a drink.
  • Queen. You make up a rule that must be followed through the entire game, such as "no swearing". Anyone who breaks the rule must take a drink.
  • King. You have to drink your entire drink before your next turn.
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Last updated: 7th November 2003