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Kings Corners Variations

This collection of variations of Kings Corners contributed by readers is part of the Invented Games section of the Card Games web site www.pagat.com.


Contributed by David Stiefel

In this version of the game, only two players can participate. Each time a king's corner is filled with a complete series from King-to-Ace, the player who completes it scores a point for a "Coronation". Also, the player who gets rid of his cards first gets one point ("Slaying the Dragon"), but this player then refills his hand and continues playing.

The game continues until all the cards have been used. Thus in every game there will be five points scored: four coronations and one dragon slain. The player who scores the majority of points wins - three points to two is a normal victory, four points to one an "incredible victory" and five points to nil an "absolute victory".

The first player has a significant advantage so players should take turns to start the game.

Home Page > Invented Games > Kings Corners Variations
Last updated: 26th June 2008