Variations of DOM

25-Card DOM

This variation uses a 5x5 square. 12 cards are dealt to each player and a further card is dealt to the table to represent the centre of the square. Thereafter, play is alternate, non-dealer playing first.

As before, only the two major diagonals score and bonuses of 5 for runs and flushes are limited to complete lines. With five cards, the possible pip-count is extended to 54, the additional counts scoring as follows:

Pip Count Points Score
45 24 (15x3) + (9x5)
46 0
47 0
48 16 (16x3)
49 7 (7x7)
50 10 (10x5)
51 17 (17x3)
52 0
53 0
54 18 (18x3)

The best line score is probably (A A A A 6), scoring 168 points.

Because of the number of combinations that require to be studied, play can be a little tedious. There is no reason why the game should not be extended to 36 or 49 cards but the reader himself will have to explore the scoring possibilities of play!

Blind DOM

In this variation the 16 cards are dealt face down and turned up one at a time by each player. They must then find the best position for the cards as they are revealed so the options are fewer and the scores are lower. It is a quicker but less skilful game.

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Last updated: 9th January 2002