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Lie Detector

Contributed by Tom Austin

Number of players: 2 or more.

What you will need to play this game:

  1. A deck of playing cards.
  2. Pen and paper to keep score. Designate one player to keep score.
  3. A pendulum. You can make one by tying a key to twelve inches of string; or you can purchase one from www.wildflowerswv.com (click on pendulums).

Object of the game: To use your Intuition and a pendulum to detect whether a person is making a true or false statement. The player who gets 25 points first, wins the game.

How to play Lie Detector: Each player will have to test the pendulum to see how it will move to answer "YES" and "NO" to their questions. Hold the string of the pendulum and let the key hang with about eight inches of string so it can swing freely. Mentally, ask your intuition how it will answer "YES" and note how it moves. (There are several ways a pendulum will move, for example, your pendulum could swing forward and back for "YES" and it swings left and right for "NO". For another it might rotate clockwise for a "YES" and counterclockwise for "NO". Whatever way the pendulum moves, it is correct for you.) Next, mentally ask your intuition how it will answer "NO" and note how it moves.

Each player will pick a card from the deck; the one with the highest card gets to be the first Dealer/Lie Detector. The dealer is the only one who can score points during a round.

The dealer will deal out one (1) card to each player (none to him/herself). The player to the left of the dealer starts the game. This player will choose to tell the dealer either a TRUE or FALSE statement about the value and suit of the card she/he is holding. Example: the player is holding the king of hearts. A true statement would be "King of Hearts"; a false statement would be "King of Clubs" or "5 of Spades". Make up your own false statements. The players try to keep the dealer from scoring points. The dealer, using the pendulum will mentally ask her/his Intuition "Is this statement true"? The dealer will watch the how the pendulum moves and if the pendulum moves in the predetermined direction of "YES" the dealer will say "TRUE". If the pendulum moves in the predetermined direction of "NO", the dealer will say "False". Now the player will show his/her card. If the dealer's answers right, the dealer gets that player's card and scores one (1) point. If the dealer's answer is wrong, no point is awarded. Now the dealer moves to the next player and repeats the same sequence. The dealer continues until all players have had their turn. The dealer adds up all of her/his points and the total is recorded.

The deal is passed on to the player on the left. The new dealer will deal out 1 card to each player, none to himself. This starts a new round; repeat the same play sequence as before. Remember the dealer is the only one that can score points. The first player to score 25 points is the winner.

Lie Detector 2

In place of pen and paper, you will need enough poker chips for all the players.

This game is played the same except for betting. The first player will place a bet and the dealer has to match it. Then the player makes his/her statement about the card they are holding. If the player fools the dealer, this player wins all the chips. If the dealer is correct, she/he gets the chips. The dealer moves on the next player and repeats the same process until all players have had a turn. Then the deal moves on to the next player. The player with the most chips wins.

Intuition: This game is about learning to trust and believe in your INTUITION. Your confidence in using your Intuition to answer questions correctly will increase, the more you play this game. If you are fatigued or you have any fears or doubts, they will block your intuition and you will get incorrect answers. Before you ask your intuition a question, take a deep breath and clear your mind of all thoughts. Your scores will increase as you learn to trust and believe in your intuition. Your intuition is never wrong. When you start getting high scores, there is one thing that can cause your scores to drop. It is called EGO. Watch your attitude as well as your fears and doubts. Always have some "Gratitude with your Attitude". Remember your intuition is answering your questions, you are just holding the string.

There is nothing magical about a pendulum. It's just a visual tool to help you connect with your intuition, nothing more.

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