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Looking for Twos

Contributed anonymously.

This is a drinking game for 2 or more players, using a standard 52 card deck.

The game begins with the dealer flipping a card face-up in front of the person to his or her left. If the card is a two (of any suit) the dealer stops. If it is not a two, the dealer continues dealing cards one at a time face-up to the other players in succession, including the dealer himself/herself, continuing in clockwise rotation until a two is flipped up to one of the players. Once the two is flipped up, all the other cards that were dealt are placed back in the deck, the deck is shuffled, and the dealer responsibility passes to the left.

Before the next round of flipped up cards is distributed, the person who has the first two says "two," then proceeds to take a drink of their favorite beverage. Now the new dealer begins dealing, but this round, we are looking for the first three dealt. Once the three (again, of any suit) is given to a player, all the remaining cards, except for cards previously awarded to a player, are reshuffled, and the turn to deal passes to the left. At this point there will be one player with a two and one player with a three. The player with a two says, "two," and takes a drink of their favorite beverage. The player with the three then says, "three," and takes a drink of their favorite beverage.

Play continues in this manner, successive dealers looking for a four, a five, etc., until there is a straight sequence of cards from two to the ace (regardless of suit). The following dealer looks for another ace, the next for a king, then a queen and so on, creating a separate sequence from the second ace back down to another two. But remember, after each new card is given to another player, the person with the original two says, "two," then drinks, and all other players must recite their cards in sequence ("three", "four", "five", "six", ...) (each drinking after naming their card) up to the first ace, AND then from the second ace back down towards the two.

If a player has four consecutive cards, for example five-six-seven-eight, he or she can give one away to anyone. Any card given to another player cannot be refused or "re-gifted" to someone else.

If a person misses their turn by forgetting to say their number and take a drink of their favorite beverage, they are guilty of a foul, and are required to take two drinks. If a person goes out of sequence they are also guilty of a foul.

The game is done when there is a complete sequence from two to ace, and a second ace back down through another sequence to two. Most people can only get through one or two games of this and remain conscious.

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Last updated: 11th August 2004