A solitaire game, contributed by Justin Huneke

Lucky-o is a solitaire game I created on one boring test day at school. It is played with a 52 card deck + 2 jokers. It is a 1 player game, hence the word solitaire. It is simply a game of how lucky you really are.

Shuffle the deck and place it face down. Say a suit then draw the top card off the face down pile. If it is the suit you called, place it in one pile face up. If it is not the suit you called, place it in a second pile face down.

If you really feel lucky, name a card value and draw from the deck. If you guessed right, take that card and the top card of the face down pile and place them in the face up pile.

Never announce a joker because when they come up, they automatically get turned in the face up pile.

Do this until all cards are gone from the deck. The game then ends. Count your face up cards.

Here is a chart. The higher the number of cards face up in the face up pile determines how lucky you are:

2-10 cards:Mr. O’Luckless
10-20 cards:Mr. O’QuiteLucky
20-30 cards:Mr. O’Lucky
30-40 cards:Mr. O’BoveLucky
40-51 cards:Mr. O’Lucky-o
All cards in the face up pile:Mr. O’Cheater

Yeah that’s right. If you have all cards in the face up pile, you cheated! You can only fool others, but you can never fool yourself!

Feeling Lucky? Then play Lucky-o! It’s a jolly o’ good lucky time!


Last updated: 20th March 2004