Matchup 4

Invented by Bradley Watson and named by Cameron Watson (

To play you deal out 4 cards face down to each player. The remaining deck is dealt out equally to each player, so that everyone has a face-down pile of cards and four separate face-down cards. The first player turns up a card from his pile and then chooses one card to turn face up from any other player's separate face-down cards. If the ranks of the two cards match (e.g. two sixes), the first player covers one of his own 4 face-down cards with the matched pair of cards, and this can no longer be chosen by another player for a match. The other player whose face-down was matched must replaced it with a face down card from his her pile. If the player matches he gets another turn; if not the two cards are turned face down and the turn goes to the next player. The winner is the person who covers all 4 of his face down cards.

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Last updated: 1st January 2002