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The Perfect 10

Contributed by Terry Ann Womack (WOMACKTA@aol.com)

Played like Old Maid, the object of this game is to end up with the odd card - 10 of spades - to be the winner. Take out the ten of clubs to match pairs. Take out the red tens, as well, if matching books.

Terry Ann Womack writes: I came up with this game because Old Maid doesn't reinforce self-esteem and the Perfect 10 does. I worked with inner city kids at the time and games that made you the loser only added to their feelings of being a loser, but when you ended up with the 10 you won. You can tell the difference in kids when they are the winner by chance as opposed to the loser by chance.

Home Page > Invented Games > The Perfect 10
Last updated: 12th January 2002