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Platinum Fish

Contributed by Dom Bruno

This is a game with similar rules of Go Fish, but getting matches is done differently.

Materials: A 104 card Deck. (2 52 card decks combined) and 2 6-sided dice.

Winning: At the end of the game (When the last card is drawn from the deck) the player with the most matches win.

Starting: To the left of the dealer, each player roles one die. The number rolled is the number of cards that player is dealt to start the game. But each player starts with at least 3 cards. (If you rolled a 2, you'd get 3 cards.)

Getting Matches: A match is two cards of the same rank. (for example two 6's is a match.)

Each player puts down their matches they started with face up in front of them. The dealer creates a Discard pile by discarding the top card of the deck face up. Then the game starts with the player to the left of the dealer.

Turns: Each players turn follows these steps:

1. Draw: A player can either draw from the Deck, or draw the top card of the discard pile (but only if it will give you a match) If you draw from the deck, draw the card. If that card is a match with another card in your hand, put the card in your hand and create the match. If it does not, it is placed at the top of the Discard Pile, and continue to the Roll Step. If you get a match during the Draw step, your turn starts over again.

2. Roll: Roll the two dice. The numbers you roll represent the cards you can take from the deck. (1=Ace, 2-10 equals that card rank, 11=Jack and 12=Any face card.) If you roll 3 and 4 you can (or the dealer) search the deck for a 3 a 4 or a 7. (Adding 3 and 4) You must take a card from this step if any of the card possibilities are in the deck. If 3, 4 and 7 aren't in the deck, you're allowed to ask any one of your opponents for any card. If the opponent has it, you get that card. If not, your turn ends. If you get a match from this step, your turn ends.

Note: when searching the deck, the order of the cards in it should not be changed, unless an opponent of the player searching requires the deck to be shuffled. If a shuffle is asked for, the searcher must shuffle the deck before the game continues.

Hand Rules: If your hand runs out of cards, roll one die, as at the beginning of the game. You receive those cards (minimum 3). You're allowed to draw matches from the Discard Pile if you get a new hand. Once you've drawn all matches from the Discard Pile your turn immediately ends. (If your hand runs out during an opponents hand, follow the above rules, but once your done, your opponents turn continues as usual.)

Other Rules: Each card drawn, or taken from the deck must be shown to each opponent.

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Last updated: 7th October 2004