Contributed by Matt Molver (resocfm@verizon.net)

Take out of the deck three clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades for every player. You don't need the rest of the deck to play the game.

Now that everybody has their cards [each has 12 cards, 3 of each suit], each person then shuffles their own cards.

Then everybody deals their cards from top to bottom, three across, four rows down, like this:


The object of the game is to match up each suit in the four rows [so that each row consists of just one suit].

You have to switch with cards above beside or below. [A turn consists of taking two cards that are next to each other - either side by side or one above the other - and swapping them.]

Keep switching until you have the rows lined with the right suit. The first person switches with one of their cards then the other then the other until someone matches the rows up with the right suits, that is the winner.

This game goes fast if you know how to play it.

Last updated: 11th August 2003