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Ri$ky Bu$ine$$

Contributed by Jeffrey Mowery and Josh Mullins (moweryjeff15@hotmail.com)


2-4 Players (Best with only two; if more, use a double deck)


Lowest score possible.


Four cards are set face-up in the middle. Four cards are dealt to each player. Four cards from the top of the deck are set face up in the discard pile. The rest of the deck is set adjacent to the discard pile.

set-up diagram


Face-up cardsThese cards are placed in the middle of the game and used to play on.
Face valueA card worth face value means that it is worth points equal to the number on the card.
ClearA clear occurs when a quad is completed or a king is played on a pile. The cards involved are placed in front of the player that cleared them and that player must then replace the pile with his hand or the deck.
Face-down cardsFace down cards are placed in front of each player by that player at the end of that player's turn. When the game ends, the total sum of the face down cards is added to your hand for your total score.


Each player cuts the deck - highest cut goes first.

During your turn you may make four total moves. Any of the following may be played as a move.

  1. If you have any card in your hand that matches one of the four face-up cards it may be played on the card it matches. If a pile contains four-of-a-kind the pile is removed and negative two is added to your score. After placing the card you must either pick-up one of the face-up cards in the middle, one of the four cards in the discard pile, or a new card from the deck. If a card from the discard pile is taken this way it must be replaced with the top card of the deck. If you have a king in your hand, it may be played on any pile. Playing the king on a pile causes the pile to clear and adds negative one to your score.
  2. You may choose one card in your hand and place it in the discard pile, and then you may choose one card from the discard pile and place it in your hand.
  3. If a pile is removed, you may choose a card in your hand to replace the pile. That card is set down in the pile's previous position and becomes a new pile. Alternately, should you choose not to replace an empty pile with a card from your hand, the top card of the deck is placed in the pile's place and becomes the new pile. If this card can be played on any current piles (besides itself) it is placed on the corresponding pile and a new card is drawn to replace it. If the card is a king or completes a quad, the player whose turn it is gets credit for the clear.

After a player completes four moves or cannot play, that player chooses a card in their hand to set aside face down. They then switch their hand with the four cards currently in the discard pile and place as many cards from the top of the deck as is necessary to bring the number of cards in the discard pile to four.

When each player has four cards set aside face down and four cards in their hand, the game ends.

End of game

Each player reveals to all other players his / her hand and face down cards. Each player then totals the point value of their face down cards and hand and adds them together using the point value chart below. Points are then subtracted from your score for clears: -1 point for each "king clear" and -2 points for a four-of-a-kind clear. The player with the lowest score wins the game. In case of a tie, the winner is the player with more clears. The winner chooses the turn order for the next game.

[Editor's note. Presumably there should be a chart here that sets out the values of the various cards. Unfortunately it was missing from the submission. I will insert it here if the inventors of the game supply it - or readers of this page may devise their own value chart. JM]

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Last updated: 7th November 2003