Rook Pyramid - card game rules

Rook Pyramid

A solitaire game, contributed by Jeffrey Jacobs

  1. Use the 56-card Rook deck.
  2. Deal a 28-card pyramid as in regular Pyramid.
  3. Play as you would regular Pyramid, except that you discard available cards in pairs that total 15, not 13. (1-14, 2-13, 3-12, 4-11, 5-10, 6-9, and 7-8.)
  4. You get three trips through the cards (two redeals) to discard all the cards in the pyramid and win the game.
  5. If you discard all the cards in the pyramid in three trips through the cards, you win a single game; if you do it in two trips, a double game; in one trip, a triple game.
Last updated: 5th February 2004