A game by Craig Bednar

Materials: standard 54-card deck, including 2 jokers.

Players: 2-5

Object: to be the first player to collect 10 heads.

Card values: A = 1, 2-10 face value, J= 11, Q= 12, K= 13 (Jokers= 15)

Setup: In Skrap it doesn’t matter who deals.

  • Each player is dealt 10 cards.
  • Each player chooses a surge card and places it face down.
  • All surge cards are flipped simultaneously.
  • The person with the highest surge card must play first.
  • In the case of a tie, the lowest surge card plays first.
  • In the case of a double tie, players can play rock, paper, scissors to determine who plays first, the loser playing first.

Game play: The player who plays first must play a bot.

  • A bot consists of 1 black card (weapon) and 1 red card (armour).
  • The player to the left may destroy the bot or pass.
  • Once all players pass, the current bot in play is named champion.
  • When a round is finished, all cards are reshuffled and a new round starts.

Destroying bot: Another bot can only be played if it destroys the current bot in play.

  • A bot's black card must be equal to, or higher than, the currents bot's red card to destroy it.
  • Cards making up bots get plus 1 (surge bonus) if their suit matches the player's surge card.
  • Jokers (15) may only be played as weapons, the only card able to beat a red king as armour with a surge bonus.
  • Destroyed bots are flipped face down and kept in play.

Collecting heads: The player who played the last bot when all others pass collects heads.

  • One head is counted for each destroyed bot on the field.
  • The first player to collect 10 heads wins the game.

Scavengers: After the champion bot is named, players may play scavengers.

  • Scavengers are a pair of cards with the same value (ex. a pair of 2s).
  • Scavengers must be played from the player's remaining cards.
  • If a player played scavengers, that player is dealt 11 cards next round.
  • The player that collected heads may not play scavengers.
Last updated: 20th November 2007