Slap Off

Slap Off Rules V3.1 contributed by Jonathan Trabing.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Game play
  3. Card Sets
  4. Rules
  5. Credits


Slap Off is a card game my friends and I invented one day when we had too much spare time in band class. Basically the game is a cross between Slap Jack and ERS mixed with sexual terms. That's right; sexual terms. Don't let this scare you! It is not as perverted as you might think.

Basic Game play

To obtain all of your opponents' cards (standard international 52 card deck).
In a Nutshell:
It is ideal to play this game in a circle so that everyone has an equal chance to win. Each player is dealt an even portion of the deck (e.g. 4 players: 13 cards each) and holds them face down in his/her hand. The players choose which direction the turns will go around the circle and who will go first.
The first player places one card face up in the center of the circle in order to begin a pile of cards. The next person plays another card face up also and this continues until a certain series of cards are played in the pile called "card sets". When card sets are played, players attempt to slap the pile of cards first and then name the card set to obtain the pile of cards. If players fail to name the set, then they forfeit the pile to the next player that slapped and named the set. When you obtain a pile of cards you must place it underneath the cards you have in your hand.

Card Sets

The following are the cards in the order that they must appear in the pile for the card set followed by what you must call out when you slap to obtain them. Suits do not apply for any set.

Single card sets:
Jack - Off
7 - Lucky
Joker (if you have them) - Rapist
Double card sets:
King + King - Homos (or Gays)
Queen + Queen - Lesbians
King + Queen - Porno
Any # card + Same # as card before (i.e. 4 + 4) - Sex
6 + 9 - Sixty nine
Triple card sets:
Any card + Any card + Same card as the first (i.e. 4 + 9 + 4) - Threesome
Other sets:
Bottom card of pile + Two or more cards + Same as bottom card - Orgy
Straight with any number of cards (i.e. 4 + 5 + 6) - Incest


Now for the details.

Naming Card Sets:
It is required you say the name of the card set(I mean come on, it makes the game fun). You are allowed to correct yourself if you do not completely name another set then the one you slapped for. For instance, Jack is on top of the pile and you slap and say "Se...Off". You almost said Sex but corrected yourself before you finished saying Sex, therefore you keep the pile. If you slap or touch the pile when there is no card set, then you must burn.
Burning is putting a card at the bottom of the pile as a punishment for breaking a rule. This does not count as the bottom card when slapping for Orgy. You must burn if you check the bottom card for Orgy and the bottom card and top card are not the same. You must also burn when you play a card out of turn. When you do this you must place the card you accidentally played at the bottom of the pile and it is not allowed to be slapped for. Burning can be annoying when douche bags play a card underneath your hand before you slap the pile and it is not a set so you have to burn. However, if the douche bag player plays a card that creates a new set, then the player who slapped can double slap.
Double Slapping:
Double slapping is when you have slapped and then rapidly slap again in order to avoid burning or losing your set to another player. Double slapping has many uses: if you know your last card in your hand is a Jack or a 7, then you can jack off.
Jacking Off:
Jacking off is when your only card or bottom card is continuously a Jack or a 7 and you keep double slapping it to stay in the game. Although jacking off is allowed(even though only losers do it), the rule is you must double slap to give the next player a chance to place a card underneath your hand. There are two ways to legally know that your next card is a Jack or a 7: someone plays a Jack or a 7 and you obtain it and remember that your bottom card would therefore be a Jack or a 7, or you slap in and the only card you have is a Jack or a 7.
Slap in:
Slapping in is when you have no cards and you want to reenter the game by slapping a card set to get cards to play the game. You can only slap in if the remaining players don't care. Reasons the players won't care may include: you suck and therefore will lose your new cards quickly anyway, or you're just playing because you're bored and don't really care who wins.


I did write this guide, but the following people helped create the game with me. We are all equally responsible for its invention.

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