Created by Matt Singer, Christian Dietrich and Trevor Binney. Contributed by FlamngLip@AOL.com

2 players or more normal deck


Split is not my favorite card game however it is pretty fun. My friends and I made it up while taking a long trip.


You deal out two 3-card hands to everyone playing so everyone has a setup like this

1st hand 2nd hand
A 4 8 K 2 Q

Cards may not be transferred from one hand to the other.
The ranks of cards, lowest to highest are: K(worth 0) A(worth 1) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 J(worth 11) Q(worth 12)
At the beginning of the game place the deck face down and have one card placed face up (like in rummy)

The play

You play by starting wherever in the circle of people you want and going clockwise or counter-clockwise whichever you prefer. The first player decides whether they want the top card or the face up card. They select one put it in either their 1st hand or their 2nd hand (their choice) and discard.

The goal

The goal of the game is to get the cards in each of your hands to add up to the same value. EX.

1st hand 2nd hand
Q 3 10 J 6 8
25 pts. 25 pts.

There is one catch the value for each hand has to be odd. When you have the same value in both hands you knock or say "Split" everyone else then gets one more turn.


If you have even values in your hands you get nothing. If you have two different odd values (i.e. 23 and 13) you add the 2 values (23 + 13 = 36) and then subtract the smaller value from the larger value (23-13=10) you then divide the first value by the second value (36/10=3.6) this value is then rounded down (3). If you have equal odd values in your hand simply add them together (i.e. 23 and 23=46). The first player to 200 points wins.

* This is the best system the game creators could figure out, if you have a better one write them at FlamngLip@AOL.com

created by Matt Singer, Christian Dietrich and Trevor Binney

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Last updated: 15th November 1997